Our Story

Philosophy. Clients.

Welcome to SH9, a veteran-owned and operated craftsman shop specializing in high quality edged tools made to last lifetimes.

Knives have been a primitive basic everyday carry tool for centuries. It’s our belief that it still serves that very purpose and we intend to carry on that core value.

SH9 is dedicated to making high-quality, durable and functionally attractive edged tools. The entire build to finish process is intricate and unique with hyper-attention to detail for the client.

Our primary focus is the function of the tool, secondary: the final fit and finish.

We create for functionality and clear intent. While there are a plethora of products on the market that look pretty, trust that the SH9 brand surpasses the aesthetics, and lives in the possession of men and women who embody a whole and sustainable approach to living.

First off, I’m extremely humbled and grateful of my clients who continue to provide me the opportunity to create exactly what they envision. I have been commissioned to create some of the most personal, memorable pieces for the fallen, the actively deployed and those civilians who support our men and women in service.

I was born in New Mexico and went on to serve as a Navy SEAL for 16+ years on both coasts. My years as a SEAL reinforced my belief that a quality blade should be carried all day everyday, both for utility and security. I’ve carried a knife everyday of my life from the age of 6.

Rarely has a day passed when my knife was not needed. Quality control is extremely important to me. I want you to be able to trust your life and well-being with my tools, blades and other custom products.

If my hands have had contact with your blade from creation to finish, I feel I’ve provided you with a product I can entrust to you.