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Authentic Craftsmanship

A brand that embraces steadfast functionality & inspires a sustainable lifestyle. Proudly made in America since 2014.

When you own any SH9 custom blade or tool, you’re confident in the product & task ahead. Whether it’s a Dutch, Bowie or any blade in our Everyday Carry Collection, you're confident that whatever the day presents - you’re prepared to handle it.

Owner of 4 Blades

I'm a Navy veteran & own 4 SH9 blades. The compact Bowie is my favorite, it looks like it’ll kick your ass just sitting there. All in all, if you want a high quality blade, for a multitude of uses, check out SH9 Outdoor Shop and tell him Bill sent ya.


Spear Point

Shane, your spear point knife is awesome. Not only is it EXTREMELY functional, but it feels great in the hand. Additionally it’s very easy to carry for EDC purposes. After seeing the high-quality craftsmanship Shane puts into his pieces it will be hard for me to purchase a blade elsewhere. He is responsive and makes a great blade.   


Custom Cutlery Set

These are the greatest knives I’ve ever seen, let alone owned. We bought the cutlery set and could not be happier. They are beautiful works of art that we get to use every day in the kitchen. My wife tends to use the chef knife, I use every knife & every one of them is my favorite one! These will be passed down from generation to generation as I doubt they can be dulled or damaged in anyway. They are super strong! It has been an honor & pleasure doing business with Shane Hiatt and SH9 company. Looking forward to future purchases!

Oyen & Family

We create for functionality and clear intent. While there are a plethora of products on the market that look pretty, trust that the SH9 brand surpasses the aesthetics, and lives in the possession of men and women who embody a whole and sustainable approach to living.

Gift Cards

These gift cards NEVER expire. Select your amount now & give a gift to last a lifetime.