Terms of Service & Life Cycle

With proper care and maintenance any SH9 tool should last multiple lifetimes. As with sharpening, I will refurbish anything I make for the cost of shipping both ways.  


This is a highly subjective question.  It depends primarily on the use / abuse to which the blade is subjected.  Under normal use conditions you should expect anything I make to do as well or better than any similarly designed tool. 

Forge & Stock Removal

First the difference between the two.  Simply put, forging is the process of heating and beating a piece of steel into the shape of the tool you want and generally includes some grinding to finish.  Stock removal is taking a piece of steel and systematically removing all the material that is not the tool you want, like Michelangelo’s David, I simply remove everything that isn’t the end tool.  Both methods require a  quench and temper cycle (heat treat) following the shaping process.  This step is still the most crucial in ensuring a quality tool from the selected steel.

Military & First Responder Discount

All active duty service members, veterans and first responders may receive a 10% discount upon checkout using the code they qualify for at checkout: 








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