The Trikos Hatchet

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This is our flagship combat/fighting hatchet, built with purpose-design at its core. A nice top cradle, will parry or deflect incoming weapons. The aggressive spike incites wicked penetration and the large heavy blade with a sharpened beard will cleave anything. Solid one-piece construction ensures no weak points. This is as close to indestructible a tool as you’ll find anywhere. High-quality and built for function, like our entire line.

  • 12” OAL 8” blade to spike, main edge 4”, spike length 3”

  • Steel: 3/8” 4140 Chromoly

  • Handle: black cord

  • Sheath: black leather

    This item can be made to order. Please allow 5 – 15 business days for delivery within the U.S. International orders may take longer to ship depending on location.


NEVER put a custom knife in a dishwasher. You will be horribly disappointed with the result

  • S35vn and AEB-L are both high carbon stainless steels. As such both perform well as stainless, but any steel will rust or stain without proper care

  • Hand-wash and dry after use, if storing for a long period, lubricate using anything food-safe if it’s a kitchen or food knife, or any oil if not used on food

1095/ 52100/ 5160/ 4140

  • OR any other high carbon non-stainless steel. Care for it as you would a firearm and you’ll likely never have an issue. High-acidity foods will stain these steels to varying degrees, this is normal, doesn’t present health issues and doesn’t harm the blade. The patina they develop is similar to well-aged cast iron, enjoy the process.

  • I will sharpen or refurbish any blade I make for the cost of shipping both ways. Simply email: for a shipping address and timeframe to get started.