Forged Lilie Dagger

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As the title suggests these are original SH9 Forged creations. They reflect our founders’ view of how moving hot steel and blade geometry come together. Each piece is unique and reflects our idiosyncratic view of the tradecraft. This piece was commissioned for a dear friend and artist by trade Nitzan Lilie. Nitzan is the creator of the amazing forged hammers that you see in many of our photographs that are not only gorgeous but functional in every sense of the word.

  • 7 ¼”OAL 3 ⅜” blade 2 ⅛” wide

NO DIMENSIONAL THICKNESS ON THE FORGED, but they all carry the SH9 heavy blade style.


NEVER put a custom knife in a dishwasher. You will be horribly disappointed with the result

  • S35vn and AEB-L are both high carbon stainless steels. As such both perform well as stainless, but any steel will rust or stain without proper care

  • Hand-wash and dry after use, if storing for a long period, lubricate using anything food-safe if it’s a kitchen or food knife, or any oil if not used on food

1095/ 52100/ 5160/ 4140

  • OR any other high carbon non-stainless steel. Care for it as you would a firearm and you’ll likely never have an issue. High-acidity foods will stain these steels to varying degrees, this is normal, doesn’t present health issues and doesn’t harm the blade. The patina they develop is similar to well-aged cast iron, enjoy the process.

  • I will sharpen or refurbish any blade I make for the cost of shipping both ways. Simply email: for a shipping address and timeframe to get started.